Heatherbelle (heatherbelles) wrote,

I really should post more than once every 6 months...

I just looked and realised that the last time I posted was April...

Quite a bits happened since then.

Looks like I have an further extension at work, although I've not yet got the bit of paper through.

The exhibition. mentioned on the previous post? Turned into a bit of Mare, courtesy of my colleague in Social History who told us it was all under control (me and the new Assistant exhibitions officer), went on maternity leave early, and turned out to have messed several aspects of it up, resulting in a stressful, very long installation week for me and aforementioned exhibitions person and a formal complaint from the group  (not really directed at at us, but annoying all the same).  Still it bonded me and the exhibitions officer together well, which is good, cos we're working on few installs for the site.

Still looking after both the original site I had responsiblity for, and another one, and its not doing too badly balancing the two on the whole.  My bosses still think I'm doing okay  (both have said as much this week in various meetings/discussions), so I feel appreciated!

I've been gearing up for my Best Friend's (and former Boss)'s wedding, wherein I will be a Bridesmaid.  Took two attempts to find a nice dress, but it has been bought.  It's in a fortnight (eek!), and I'm finally enjoying the first quiet weekend at home by myself that I've had in about a month.

September - one weekend, BestfriendBosslady came up to go shopping in Leeds for dress.  WE were unsuccessful, so the next weekend, came down to Nottingham for Dress shopping, This was sucessful, but I was coming down with rotten cold that turned bad enough to have 3 days of work the following week. 

Then it was running about doing prep for the next exhibition onsite, which coincides with the local Literary Festival, at the beginnin of October?  1st weekend was the hen-do, so I travelled down for that.  I did I have a weekend up home, the following weekend was down to Nottingham again for John Barrowman concert.  The next weekend, I travelled back down to Bosslady's house  (3 hours it took in rushhour) to travel a further 2 and half down to Suffolk so I could see her wedding dress on the last fitting.  It was gorgeous, and am glad I did so.

This was followed by the Halloween event on Friday at work (1500 people!), which Mum and Dad came up to help with, so I had them for the weekend....

After the wedding in a fortnight?  I have two exhibition change overs, a exhibition launch (which is apparently manic every year...), a BBC project we're working on, a big Christmas event, and Dad's 60th Birthday  (we're off to Morpeth castle for that, it will be v.v. cool).

I'm going to be shattered by Christmas though...

But I can't complain - its lots of good stuff happening, and I'm still gainfully employed at the moment, which considering it was intially just the one year, am quite happy with.

Today, all I have planned is doing the dishes, putting on a load of washing, and watching Strictly this evening....

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