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Well, it feels it anyroad!

There's been getting used to the woman who's maternity I'm covering being back two days a week, going to various meetings re: exhibition planning, guidebook-related stuff and also BBC things for our part in a rather large project.

You may have heard of it  - 'A History of the world'.  We're part of the regional 'offer - a  colleague and I coordinated our regions - meetings, desciscion, 1 very long day trip to London, etc.

Well, it launched yesterday and I had to go talk about two of our objects live on the local radio.  To say I was nervous was an understatement!

I think it went ok, not too many hesitations and I don't think I made a prat of myself.  (Snerk.  One of the objects was made by Pratts...).  Glad it's over.

Tomorrow I've got two more meetings, and friday I'm off to pick up the dress that I need to put in a case as another bit of our AHOW project.

I will be glad when it's the weekend again!
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Deck the Hall with boughs of Holly

Oh, no, that was last week... At work (did look good)

I'm am now home safe to my parents, having managed an earlier getaway from work (with just one turning back...), the tree has just been put up and the presents are ensconsed underneath it.

Had to get up early today though to take car in for it;s service and MOT (thankfully no problems, so relatively cheap!). We also managed to pick up some parcels from the sorting office, and get some bits from the shops while it was still quiet.

I did however take a tumble on the way back to the garage on a v. v. slippy bit of pavement - pretty much a sheet of ice. Both feet off the floor, bags strewn, *thump*. Mum, and a kind guy who crossed over gave me a hand, as I was still stuck on a slippy patch and couldn't get purchase. At that point, it was just my pride hurt.. But, I do ache and am kinda stiff now, so I'm waiting for the envitable bruises to appear.
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Ruth cooe!


  • 15:24 So far on hols have visited 2 castle one stately home, and now on farne islands. #
  • 15:27 Seen on boat trip seals (cool) puffins (fab) terns (mental! Mum would hate their divebombing) #
  • 17:12 Back from island eating icecream. Yum. #
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Wish me luck as you wave me goodbye

I'm really excited about both the new job (Responsibility!  Seniority!  Real Museum job!) and the holiday, but at the moment I am currently sweltering and amidst piles of clothes for packing (I have one suitcase for 'stuff for wearing to new job' another for 'stuff to wear on holiday' and contemplating one for 'stuff to take if room for wearing outside of work if it get cool' That's the one that may get left behind if not enough space on the grand house move.

I'm off on hols tomorrow, and then pick up keys for house a week today. Phone line is up and ordered broadband for there, so hopefully will be back online proper by then - in the meantime will am abusing the dongle that gives free mobile broadband that came with mum and dad's broadband... So I may or may not be around for a week or so.

I still need to sort out shoes for both options, wrap a birthday present thats coming with me on holiday, and load music on my ipod shuffle and big MP3 player.

And make sure I pack chargers for hols for the above, my phone and my camera.

I'm taking a bootfull of stuff (and some bits that are movable on the front seats!) with me, as i'm holidaying in Northumberland, so can drive down to Halifax, pick up keys, drop all my stuff (bar laptop, that's staying with me!) off, then drive home so I can fill up the car again with stuff (based on trail run I'll have a coffee table, armchair and chest of drawers in there, surrounded by other bits that surrounded it. I have boxes marked 1st wave (i.e have to go up the first weekend) and stuff marked '2nd' which can wait till mum and dad come up again in a fortnight.

Ooh, must remember to pack hair clips, for both options as well. And shoes, I have no shoes packed at all. Arrgh.

*feels all hot and bothered, but will get moving again in a minute...*

gwen OMG

Many and varied things

Have I not posted that I have a new job?  Oops. my bad...  Some people on my flist were present when I got the phonecall, and had to put

It's very exciting I'm off to be a museums officer up in Yorkshire.  And a respon

This has meant in the last week I have been

a) house hunting  on wednesday. (successfully, deposit was paid yesterday).

b) car hunting on thursday (successfully, deposit was also paid yesterday.

I will be, as of next friday the proud owner of a shiny red Puegot 207.  It's diesel , so drives very like Mum's 206.  I do have to decide on a name.  The licence plate contains the letters M and OOJ, so it might have to be my mooch-mobile...  It looks like this one -

Of course, the two above meant I spent the last day ringing round/web searching for insurances for the two, which although successful,  made my head hurt!

But, I'm still giddy about new job stuff!

Ruth cooe!


  • 11:43 Off round newark garden show. V big. Lots of cool stuff #
  • 14:11 Sucessful visit mum and dad ordered v nice arbour. Off to garden centre as it's a nice day #
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