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Heatherbelles scribblings

6 October 1979
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ETA: And another two years later....

I'm still in Yorkshire - they gave me a permanent job. I'm now officially a grown up, I own my own house!

Ioan & Gruffudd have kids now too :( Still, I wouldn't say no to Benedict Cumberbatch, Tom Hiddleston or Jeremy Renner...

5 years later, I figured an update might be due. I'm 31 now (blargh), finished the postgrad, left the call centre behind over two years ago to start working in museums - first up in Scotland and now in Yorkshire. Temporary contracts suck though, I'd love to get a permanent job.

Interests are still the same, when I have the time - the latest job keeps me busy!

Ioan and Orlando sadly appear to have gone and got themselves married, which I think is very unsporting, I doubt there'll be any whisking off now...

I'm 26(eek), with a post-grad degree (double eek) paying the bills by working in a call centre (double yuk, I want a new job). I read loads - mostly sci-fi or historical stuff (Sharon Penman is fab!) There are benefits to a job where the customer can't see you! 3 three years away at Uni the first time, I'm now back living with the parental units until I get a job that will pay enough to let me buy my own place. Still, at least here the rent is cheap, and I've just about taken over the study as my own space - Computer, DVD, tv, digital tv recorder. What else does a girl need?

Well, Orlando Bloom or Ioan Gruffudd to come in and sweep me off my feet would be nice...